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Private dining and event space

   I'm Joe Davidson, founder of Oklahoma Joe's, I spent my career mastering the art of barbecue, developing recipes, building smokers, and creating restaurants. Out of all of my years in the world of BBQ my favorite times are when we have created extraordinary experiences for our customers; Memories that will last.

   Now, for the first time ever, Oklahoma Joe's has a space dedicated to doing just that; Pager Hall, private dining and event space.

   We named the space after my wife, Page (or Pager, as I like to call her), who always manages to pull off champagne taste on a beer budget. Pager Hall fits that bill: with a private bar, TV's, projector screen, and microphone, its a great place for corporate presentations, rehearsal dinners, gameday watch parties, or any other reason to celebrate. Call today to take a private tour, and find out how we can create unforgettable memories for you, your friends, and colleagues.

Phone: (918) 200-3929